Whether you are looking to collect exotic seabed samples, film a marine adventure or simply enjoy the view, our submersible can be equipped for any outcome.

A full inventory of tools has been developed in concert with the modular system of construction that allows for upgrades to cater for any change in customer requirements.

Our in-house engineering and design teams can develop and provide bespoke options.

Options for every activity

4k underwater camera

A selection of professional cameras with compatible housings, lenses, controls, recording and lighting devices are available to meet the most exacting specifications.

Manipulator arms

External equipment comprising a selection of subsea robotic arms together with work platforms and collection baskets can be installed on most of the U-Boat Worx models.

Fly out remote controlled vehicle

To thoroughly investigate and explore the recesses of caves or inaccessible wrecks, this option allows for close up observation controlled from within the submersible.


This compact ultra-wide (130 degree) field of view instrument has a range of 100 meters acting as a second set of eyes when navigating the subsea terrain.

Underwater lighting

A selection of the latest generation, high intensity lights are available to put the spotlight on centre-stage when the secrets of the deep appear.

Underwater tracking and navigation

A very advanced USBL system is available that relays GPS data to the submersible’s on-board computer via integrated underwater modems.

Piloting with real time positioning and supporting text data provides for accurate and efficient navigation.

The DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) delivers real-time ground speed and position data linking to the on-board computer system.

Laser scalers

Measuring the size of marine life and other underwater objects is simplified by using the laser cursors for accuracy.

360-degree camera

Continuous 360-degree footage of any dive can be recorded for later replay and review, reliving the dive experience.

Fish feeder

For up close and personal observation, the fish feeder can inject bait to lure marine life into close quarters and provide an intimate environment with nature.

Continue your journey

  • C-Explorer 5

    C-Explorer 5
    • C-Explorer 5
      200 M 650 Ft
      7,350 KG 16,200 Lb
    Learn about the C-Explorer 5
  • Super Yacht Sub 3

    Super Yacht Sub 3
    • Super Yacht Sub 3
      300 M 1,000 Ft
      3,800 KG 8,380 Lb
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  • C-Explorer 3

    C-Explorer 3
    • C-Explorer 3
      300 M 1,000 Ft
      6,010 KG 13,250 Lb
    Learn about the C-Explorer 3
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