Our All-inclusive Charter Offer

All-inclusive chartering

Your U-Boat Worx charter comes standard with all necessary support equipment. U-Boat Worx Charter also takes care of all operational aspects, the crew and itinerary planning as required. You just need to provide a suitable yacht to carry the submersible. Don’t have space on board your own yacht? Check out our optional Support Vessels!

U-Boat Worx private submarine fresh water rinse


We endeavour to ensure you always have the best possible dive experience. U-Boat Worx Charter therefore takes care of all aspects concerning your charter, including:

  • Dive & Itinerary Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Crew
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Dive permit applications
  • Logistics of the submersbile
  • ROV or diver contingency planning
  • Insurance
  • Support Vessel (on request)

Yacht Integration

Our experienced charter team will assist with reviewing the integration of the submersible on board your vessel. This includes checking the storage location, lifting arrangements, and facilities for refilling and recharging. Would you like to know if your vessel is suitable to carry a submarine, please contact our charter team at info@charterasub.com.

Optional Support Vessel

U-Boat Worx Charter has its own support vessel – M/V Alk – available for sub operations in the Mediterranean Sea, please see our Support Vessel page. On request other vessels of opportunity can also be arranged through our extensive network.

What should I prepare for the charter?

U-Boat Worx Charter will arrange for every aspect of the submersible operation. Except for a suitable storage space, crane and power supply the client will simply need to provide a suitable tender for passenger transfer and/or installation of the submersible’s tracking and communication equipment. Our charter team is available to assist with these items.

References: M/Y legend

From this majestic explorer yacht we operated a Super Yacht Sub 3 and a C-Explorer 3. M/Y Legend features a class 1 ice-breaker hull, which makes her the perfect yacht for any type of adventure. Its voyages go all around the world even to exotic spots such as the Arctic and the Galapagos Islands.

Continue your journey

  • C-Explorer 5

    C-Explorer 5
    • C-Explorer 5
      200 M 650 Ft
      7,350 KG 16,200 Lb
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  • Super Yacht Sub 3

    Super Yacht Sub 3
    • Super Yacht Sub 3
      300 M 1,000 Ft
      3,800 KG 8,380 Lb
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  • C-Explorer 3

    C-Explorer 3
    • C-Explorer 3
      300 M 1,000 Ft
      6,010 KG 13,250 Lb
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