Explore the Cyclades Islands


The Cyclades islands are arguably the most popular Greek island group in Greece.
There are numerous exciting reefs, wrecks and underwater landscapes to be discovered. Get inspired for your next charter.

Greek island hopping in the Cyclades

Day 1 - Kea

The sea bed around Kea and the channel between Kea and Makronisos provide numerous opportunities for submersible
diving. The most important site is the wreck of the famous HMS Brittanic, sister ship to the Titanic. Launched just before the start of WW1 and originally intended to be a transatlantic passenger liner, she was put to work as a hospital ship. As a result of a mine explosion in 1916, Britannic sank – the largest ship lost during the First World War. The wreck was discovered by legendary diver Jacques Cousteau in 1975, at a depth of 120 m.

Day 2 - Kithnos

We start the second day in Kithnos. The geology of Kithnos and its rambling coastline create protection from the strong northerly wind, with its bays and beaches ready to accommodate those seeking to admire abundant marine life. The underwater scenery has been sculpted by timeless erosion, creating vistas of remarkable beauty. Dive passengers can admire caves, shipwrecks, ridges, and a wide variety of brightly colored fish and corals at more than thirty sites.

Day 3 - Serifos

Serifos has a rugged, rocky landscape with steep mountains and beautiful, remote beaches. Apart from its laid-back hilltop capital Hora and port of Livadi, the island is almost deserted. Those willing to explore will be rewarded to discover its charm.

Day 4 - Sifnos

The “Vickers-Armstrong Wellington” World War II bomber aircraft found at Sifnos Island is one of the few wrecks of its type – if not the only one – preserved in such excellent condition. The ex-RAF aircraft was discovered thanks to the efforts of a team of Greek divers who located and identified the sunken wreckage of the plane, which in 1943 was damaged by anti-aircraft fire and ditched in the Aegean Sea.

Day 5 - Ios

A wreck at the corner of the port is the most popular dive site on the island, and is home to an abundance of marine life. The underwater terrain of Ios – historically a volcanic region – has stunning cave and wall diving sites that appeal to everyone.

Day 6 - Santorini

Santorini’s caldera is one of the most magnificent natural sights on earth. It is a 300-meter high basin, formed after a gigantic volcanic eruption in 1613 B.C. Located inside the rim of the 4-mile wide caldera, Adiavatous Reef is one of the most beautiful in the region, and among the top dive-sites in the Mediterranean Sea. Legend says that this might be the site of the lost city of Atlantis; whether true or not, the reef is definitely worth exploring. Home to a wealth of crustaceans and invertebrates, as well as plenty of fish including wrasses, anthias, groupers and barracudas.

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