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There are numerous exciting reefs, wrecks and underwater landscapes to be discovered. Get inspired for your next charter.

Travel through time in Malta

Day 1 - North Malta

We start the expedition of in the north of Malta on one of the most popular shipwrecks along the coast of Malta: The Tug Boat Rozi, build in 1958 this tug boat was scutteled in 1992 and now creates an artificial reef. The boat sits upright at 36 meters of depth. This is the perfect place to start our itinerary and get a feel of what it’s like to be in a submarine for the first time. In the afternoon we will visit the famous P29 shipwreck, In 2013, P29 was listed among the “10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth” by Amazing Beautiful World.

Day 2 - South Malta

We start the second day in the south of Malta with the wreck of the Um El Faroud. She was a Libyan oil tanker that was scuttled off the coast of Wied iz-Zurrieq in 1998 as an artificial reef and a scuba diving attraction. The tanker wreck sits upright on a sandy bottom at the depth of 36 m (propeller). The overall length of Um El Faroud is 110 m with a beam of about 16 m. And now on to the deeper dives, the second part of the day will be spend at the HMS Russell. She was steaming off Malta early on the morning of 27 April 1916 when she struck two naval mines that had been laid by the German submarine U-73.

Day 3 - East Malta

We start the day of at the HMS Urge (N17). She is a World War II submarine wreck. HMS Urge was a U class British submarine, 58 m in length and 4.9 m wide. On 27th April 1942 Urge sank few kilometres off the coast of Malta after striking a naval mine. All 44 aboard lost their lives. HMS Urge wreck was found in 2019. The wreck is upright at depth of about 130 m and in good condition except the badly damaged bow. In the afternoon we will dive Le Polynesien. SS Polynesien was a 19th century French ocean liner that was sunk by a torpedo in August 1918 about 3 km east of Marsaskala.

Day 4 - West Malta

We start the day of with a cliff dive along one of the deeper cliff walls around Malta. Ras Ir-Raheb is the name of a little bay along the west coast of Malta, here we will find a cliff wall running from 10 meters to around 150 meters depth. This wall is teaming with marine life. The second part of the day we will move up to the south coast of Gozo.

Day 5 - Gozo

Start of the at the inland sea with a beautiful drop-off next to the former azure window. this will be a cliff-wall dive up to a depth of 50 meters. After the cliff-wall dive we have a chance to visit the actual inland sea through a small opening in the cliff-wall. After passing through the opening we come to the beautifully inland sea where the guests can have lunch. After lunch and with special permission of the authorities we might be aloud to visit Xlendi bay. It is an area with spectacular cliffs. We will have a chance to explore a beautiful underwater landscape when diving in the bay.

Day 6 - Mystery wreck day

Up until today we dove on shipwrecks up to a depth of 100 meters, the reason behind this is that these are all documented wrecks that get visited by the most experienced scuba divers. However there are some wrecks that are even deeper down that neither Nitrox nor technical divers can get to. These wrecks aren’t that well documented. U-Boat Worx
has a list of locations of wrecks around Malta that will interest even the most experienced of adventurer.

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