C-Researcher 3 submarine wins Red Dot Product Design Award 


Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce that their new “C-Researcher 3” submersible has won a Red Dot Product Design Award.

The international design competition – the “Red Dot Design Award” – is aimed at those who wish to distinguish their business activities through design. Outstanding design is selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts. Never before in the more than 60-year history of the design competition have so many companies and design studios faced the professional judgment of the international jury as this year. Products from more than 60 countries were evaluated in a stringent process lasting several days.

The C-Researcher 3 is the deepest diving (full acrylic sphere) submersible ever produced. Built to explore the deep sea in air-conditioned comfort, it can safely dive to 1,140 meters below; allowing adventurers to explore hidden shipwrecks, search for new aquatic species, or simply enjoy the breath taking underwater marine environment.

The full acrylic sphere is the best in the industry: optically perfect, colourless and distortion-free. To achieve a crystal-clear field of vision, the latest techniques and finest quality materials are used to create the best viewing acrylic sphere possible.

By locating most of the submarine’s systems behind the acrylic sphere, the widest range of vision is created – including downward view. This means explorers can enjoy the most immersive experience possible. Moreover, all external tools such as robotic manipulator arms can be easily observed, for efficient and accurate control.

A dual climate-control system keeps passengers pleasantly cool when diving in warm Caribbean waters, and comfortable when voyaging in freezing Arctic waters. The battery system, developed in-house by U-Boat Worx, results in a 350% increase of battery capacity when compared to traditional submersibles. The abundance of power makes it possible to apply more and stronger electrical thrusters, extend mission time, install additional lights and halve travel time between the surface and the ocean floor.

The long deck space, high freeboard and special tender bumper on the back of the submersible ensure that passengers can comfortably board without getting wet feet. The C-Researcher series will enable yacht owners, researchers and explorers alike to extend the boundaries of submersible diving in terms of mission time and depth.

U-Boat Worx has an in-house team of highly experienced specialist engineers and technicians who have ensured that the new C-Researcher 3 is at the pinnacle of the manned submersible market. They have combined leading-edge design and manufacturing expertise to produce the world’s most advanced luxury submersible.

“Winning a Red Dot Product Design Award for the second consecutive year in a row is a crowning achievement for our company,” said Bert Houtman, Founder and Chairman of U-Boat Worx. “It reinforces to our clients that our products are world class. Our sub owners are not only first to explore unseen sites with the most capable and robust submersible ever built, but also doing so in style.”

The first C-Researcher 3 -1140 was installed aboard M/Y Game Changer last month. With the delivery of this first C-Researcher 3 -1140 and a further 10 deliveries scheduled in 2021, U-Boat Worx continues to consolidate its position as market leader.



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