Planning to go diving this summer?


We have made a list with a few of our favourite summer dive spots to help you get started.

  1. Cayman Islands, Caribbean
    The Cayman Islands offer marvellous underwater visibility and amazing wrecks, making this destination an excellent diving spot. It covers sites such as Keith Tibbetts Wreck, Snapper Reef and the Strawberry Sponge Wall.
  2. Galapagos
    With a chance to encounter whale sharks during the summer months this place sure is promising. During June the chances of a group of humpback whales swimming by on their way to Australia are high and hammerhead sharks start appearing around the area in July.
  3. Gozo, Malta
    The unique underwater landscapes of Gozo consist of reefs, tunnels, caves and wrecks. These are all easily explorable during the warm summers when the water is calm and clear. After diving, the island offers a beautiful countryside with charming villages.U-Boat Worx private submarine Super Yacht Sub 3 diving
  4. Sipadan, Malaysia
    An extinct volcanic cone overgrown by living coral forms the base for this island in the middle of the Indo-Pacific basin. The well-known Barracuda Point is located here and combined with the wide variety of corals makes for a great (deep) dive experience.
  5. Canada
    Whales and sharks surprisingly also make Canada a great option for diving during the summer months. Early in the summer you will have the opportunity to spot the gilled sharks visiting the coastline of Vancouver, followed in July by the killer whales swimming past the West coast islands. In the late summer it is best to head over to the East coast where humpback whales, blue whales, fin whales and minke whales make their appearance.

For more dive locations check out our dive map or contact our sales team for our SubExpedition program. Let us select the best submarine dive spots on your itinerary.

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